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About Global Tennis Events

Formed in 2014 Global Tennis Events was started from the passion of the two founders.
Global Tennis Events is a company that is only specialised in national and International Tennis Events.

The best experience

Every year we set our standard higher and look for the best custom build experience for our relations and partners. Also Global Tennis Events supports the new generation future players. The founders know how hard the rout to success is and try to support the youth players from the Netherlands international.

Our goal is to make tennis the best game on court for all players, juniors or seniors, high level or starting to feel the joy of the game, all are welcome on our Global Events,
The joy of the tennis game, that is all we want to achieve for our relations, come and join us now!

Business events

Also business events are welcome at Global Tennis Events, we can make your business event the best on court with special guests and special offers, call now for the options.

Special Members

Some of our special Global Members are: Martin Verkerk, Raemon Sluiter, Jacco Eltingh, Rogier Wassen, Rainer Schuttler, Matwe Middelkoop, Michaƫlla Krajicek, Roy de Valk en Tim van Terheijden and many more top players who have achieved high rankings on and of court.

You are welcome at Global Tennis Events.

Peter Hendricks
Tom Brokking


Global Clinics Experience & Global Demonstration Match Play


Tennis Events as you have never seen before

For the best clinics on your court we provide former ATP players. For every event we make a custom build offer that suits you. For private or business, call it and we deliver the event as you never seen before.
Experience is the most important goal we have when we are on the court. We can deliver these clinic experience and demonstration matches international.

ATP Players

Some of our Global members are, Dutch Martin Verkerk (ATP number 14 in 2003) German Rogier Wassen (ATP double player number 24 in 2007) Dutch Jacco Eltingh and Paul Haarhuis , former number 1 doubles in 1995 ) Dutch Raemon Sluiter (ATP number 46 doubles in 1997) and several other top players that are all about experience and entertainment!
For your open tournament, a private party, jubilee or other event, call now for our Global experience clinic or demonstration match to make your event one to never forget. Take a look at all the Global Members.

From 6 up to 200 people

From 6 people up to 200 people we can provide all that is required for making your day special with our Global Tennis Event.

Business meeting with clinic on a private court

Also specials are possible to deliver, a business meeting with clinic on a private court just for you and your business relation? Including lunch and special presentation about how tennis is also about doing business? This special made event takes place in the dunes of the Veluwe, with host Jacco Eltingh or Hellas Eltingh you can enjoy their private garden that is the stage for a very impressive lecture and tennis clinic. This also contains team work and team play.

For every stage in tennis match play the offer is possible to be adjusted.
Just ask and we can offer this special event for you or your company.

Business Partners


Business partners / sponsoring opportunities

Global Tennis Events is the unique concept to connect companies through the game of tennis. Several events are based on a company invitation that have the possibility to meet each their clients.
On these days we can provide next to the tennis demonstration or clinic, entertainment, exposure and other brands to make the events very special.

Custom build events

We can deliver a wide range of business partners to our relations. Most events are organised with Europe. We can provide several business markets with the connection for buyers and sellers, and also we can provide our concept for your business events.
We make every event custom build, we can also provide, special cars, boats, wine tasting, leisure companies and many other brands and accessories that can give the event a whole new experience for everybody there.

Mini court and indoor events

Also we can deliver our mini court, this very interesting for winter events inside or in the middle of a big city? We can play our matches on this court adjusted with other balls and lower nets.

Are you interested to give a tennis event for your company? Call now and let us make a free offer.




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